About or Bio's ... (here's the part where we brag about ourselves!)
Chris Robins - "I was born in the year of the wood paneled station wagon 1986. I grew up on a steady diet of pop culture, 8 bit engines of pure video game graphics, short shorts tight enough to make Fabio Lanzoni impotent, mixtapes and John Hughes (which, by the way people, the milestone in the bunch being Plains Trains and Automobiles, not Breakfast club, get it right). I got a good head on my shoulders, a pleasant face, a loving family, neat moral values, a healthy social life and enough empathy to take the time to find a plastic cup and a sheet of paper to coax my house spiders out on the balcony. Meaning: all and all I’m as dull as the next guy. I guess that’s why Kip and I decided to throw this thing together. It’s not about the cartoons as much as it is liberating to create something of your own, an original phenomenon; Something to work with, something to mold, and God willing, neglect from time to time."

SkipMurphy - He plays bass!


"Thank you for coming see you in hell!"
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